Our USP’s

Three Media recognises that the media industry is changing rapidly and that companies must drive for more efficiencies and innovation to become, and remain, competitive. This can only be achieved with cost effective and resourceful solutions and services designed for the future.

Three Media can help you with all these…  and more.

Global supply chain management

Reduced delivery timelines

AI driven workflows and content identification

Agile and flexible data schema; ‘big data’, optimisation

Discover & validate legacy files; associate for exploitation

Complex validation; guaranteed metadata delivery

Enhanced asset and systems security

Best of breed Partners

Optimise and maximise efficiencies, increase revenue streams

Automation, management by exception

Internal business process layer; reduced code

Configuration driven approach

Standardisation of process; linear and non-linear

Reduce on-boarding complexity

Full visibility, improved communications

Self-serve approach, remove dependencies on others