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The media landscape is evolving rapidly. Companies must deliver greater efficiencies and innovation to become, and remain, competitive. Three Media can assist.

XEN:Pipeline, designed from the ground up, intelligently and cost effectively exploits content and big data with a flexible data schema and embedded business process management functionality. Al and ML applied to metadata and content discovery tasks optimises and drives workflows, managed through an intuitive UI. Our goal is simple, really. Give your business an innovative, automated system to simplify, optimise, and deliver your content and metadata with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

Three Media's consultancy teams help you clearly understand and then efficiently implement business and technical workflow transformation, optimise your operation and ultimately, maximise existing and future revenue streams. Our experienced professionals apply deep business and global industry experience to assist with business lifecycle demands, from concept through to implementation.

…three simple words to transform your business.

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XEN:Pipeline is a new generation content management system that can process all types of files and metadata, from programme inception through to packaging and delivery. Supported by a fully flexible data schema, a powerful business logic layer, this highly automated system supports processing and transformation of all types of assets, files and metadata for delivery to any linear or non-linear location. It is unique on many fronts; the way it presents the association between the business hierarchy and its related files, the intuitive UI designed with simplicity in mind, the internal workflows optimised by AI and represented by a graphical representations of the throughput or the method in which it can discover files across globally diverse storage environments and present the results within a common namespace.

With the inclusion of “big data” handling, AI and Machine learning, content identification and minimal code sets these all ensure XEN:Pipeline is quite simply leading from the front...

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A mature and unique module which manages the receipt, curation, validation, packaging and delivery of assets, language files, artwork, business files and metadata to any defined end point. XEN: Optima driven by configuration and extensive business rules, epitomises the concept of automation, manage by exception.

Proven to dramatically reduce overheads, increase throughput, improve the quality of the package and guarantee SLA’s.

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XEN:Sim is the first of its kind in the market. Either deployed alongside XEN:Optima or as a stand-alone tool, this module helps clients to model and optimise existing or planned workflows or environments in order to identify bottlenecks, spare capacity, issues and opportunities. Virtual representations can be constructed for testing, evaluation and critically, optimisation.

Wonder why people are sitting around, why additional transcoders do not improve throughput? XEN:Sim can answer these questions……and more.

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XEN:Transformer underpins the other modules but it also offered as a stand-alone, highly resilient, and crucially, media-centric Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It is specifically written to automate robust, bidirectional transformation and exchange of data between in-house, cloud, hosted, or supplier systems. The product is mature, highly performant and able to scale.

Cost effective, highly flexible and simple to implement it offers an industry optimised feature rich alternative to the heavyweights.

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XEN:Store provides a real-time global view of assets, files and related metadata elements, presented within a common global hierarchy, irrespective of location or storage type. It can aggregate almost any global storage environment with minimal engineering effort, without disruption to existing functionality and to national defence grade security standards.

Single management layer provides the opportunity to utilise your global archives, identify legacy files and exploit more content

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Professional Services

Business Process Re-engineering, Workflow Design and Implementation

Three Media has helped clients improve and streamline media and broadcast operations and process design across many projects. We have a deep understanding of business and media specific processes, how workflows support and enhance these and finally, the impact these can have on user communities. New workflows can be designed and implemented, existing workflows adapted, improved and optimised, all with the objective being to improve efficiency and throughput, and reducing your costs and overheads.

Technical Design and Evaluations

Three Media’s principals have years of ground-breaking experience in imagining, designing, building and running a number of ‘first ever’ and ‘best in class’ global media and broadcast operations. Among these is one of the first totally tapeless multilingual origination facilities anywhere in the world, the largest cloud-based origination operation in Europe, and a number of non-linear content processing, packaging, and delivery systems. We can help your business analyse, develop, design, deploy and deliver a best of breed technical operation.

Program, Project, Risk and Change Management

Change management and process improvement is a central theme in many of our projects. Three Media was selected for our in-depth experience implementing these objectives in media organisations of all types, from content owners and distributers, through to public service broadcasters, around the world. Our Programs team include a mix of staff and senior associates skilled specifically in project and program management work who bring a broad set of Prince 2 and APM accreditation and experience and years of successful hands-on experience delivering large scale projects.

Al, Workflow Modelling & Simulation, Optimisation

Over the years Three Media has developed deep industry knowledge operational experience, coupled with an advanced media specific workflow modelling and simulation toolset to aid your business with implementing or transitioning to advanced non-linear operations. Three Media’s XEN:Sim application will help you evaluate, validate - and dynamically optimise - any process or workflow design involving human tasks, automated system components and functions, and related sub systems, delivered with a laser focus on reducing costs and maximising operational efficiencies, revenue and margins.

RFI and RFP Development and Management

Our business and technical teams have extensive experience in working with client business teams to capture and analyse business requirements, technical and operational teams to understand the practical requirements, and assisting our clients with evaluating and defining the most appropriate solution set. Our team’s years of experience extends to providing comprehensive end-to-end management of large scale, high value, RFI and RFP’s for some of the best known media companies in the world.

Big Data, Data Model and Metadata Development and Implementation

Accurate metadata is absolutely critical to the success of any media project. Years of in-depth experience with informing complex data model schema and hierarchy design is core to the Three Media team. This covers metadata management, implementation of key metadata into supporting workflows and supporting systems such as scheduling, rights management, contract management, and development of extensive business and content hierarchies for some of the biggest media companies in the business and transformation and exploitation and analysis of big data.

Our Vision - Your Reality

Openly, honestly, and efficiently

At Three Media we have been providing a mix of media consulting services and specialist products and applications for business process re-engineering, workflow design and implementation, metadata management and technical design, systems evaluation, RFP, RFI and project management and advanced technology support for almost 20 years.

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Our Passion...

Drives us to always deliver exceptional value for money - openly, honestly, and efficiently - and is unparalleled in the industry. Our team members have worked across the industry in positions ranging from CTO and SVP Technology, SVP and Director of Operations to various Senior Executive roles in global media organisations.

Our Industry...

Is evolving rapidly, and the business landscape has become more dynamic and demanding than ever before. We understand the problems and challenges any media business faces and are well positioned to help with our combined decades of hands on experience, either with our specialist industry knowledge or with the deployment of our unique application suite, XEN:Pipeline.

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